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The aspiration of the Hispanic Cultural Center is to share the richness of our culture showing the beauty and human warmth, the colors, flavors that are expressed through art, music and gastronomy. In this way, preserve the cultural connection by maintaining celebrations and traditions.


A space that will receive all individuals interested in cultural diversity and integration; through sports, gastronomy and art, seeking well-being and the preservation of traditions through  coexistence, reinforcing cultural ties.

Our values 

Culture of collaboration and excellence: Working passionately with interested communities, betting on our abilities to achieve excellence.


Pride of diversity: We seek the welcoming of the different cultures that make up Hispanicity

Social responsibility: We seek to build a community with values, that are involved and empathize  with the needs of your environment.

Resilience: As a community we adapt to changes, evolving and improving, learning from our mistakes  strengthening and inspiring each other.  


Empowerment: We inspire new generations to embrace traditions and culture.

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